The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently gave its approval for four-day Tests to be arranged in the future.

South Africa will host Zimbabwe in the first ever four-day Test at the end of this year. 

While Australia will not be competiting in any anytime soon, Cricket Australia are supportive of a trial period. 

However, Warner is not exactly as content with the idea as a whole. 

"I have no interest in four-day cricket," Warner said.

"You have so many variables in Test match cricket – you've got weather, some games might be only getting three days but it just takes one day to have that weather come in and it can ruin it.

"Then on the flipside, it's a Test.

"It's the longevity, being out there on your legs, it's grit, determination, those things come to my mind to actually want to keep playing five-day cricket.

"Like a timeless Test, it's basically survival of the fittest."