Whincup is in fine form after claiming the Townsville race on Saturday and is hoping to replicate that form this weekend in Ipswich.  

The championship leader said despite the win, he wasn’t happy with the way things played out behind the scenes last round.

 “We had great performance in the car, the car was very fast, just a few flaws in the strategy and communication that had us very vulnerable at the end of the day,” he said.

“So we got the win but in some way, we played a part in trying to throw it away.

“That is disappointing … unfortunately I couldn’t just be rapt with the win. It wasn’t a flawless performance, it was compromised and we’ll keep working until we work the way we can work. It’s a high level, but I know that’s a level we can get to and we’ll get there.

“Myself and my engineer weren’t quite on the same page, as far as the strategy and what was going on in the race. So that’s something we need to talk about … and fix.”