The Volcom crew just has it dialed. They never cease to impress when they're strapped in and pointing it, continuously offering up handplants, surfy-vibed carves, tranny finders, messed up redirects, one footers and floaty airs that turn heads in person and catalyze replays when recorded. When the Stone Army sent it to Mammoth late season for the twentieth year of spring standby Superpark, they wasted no time in popping off all the transition that was laid out beneath Chair 10. With Pat Barraza behind the lens and Jeff Kabigting manning alt angle, the crew was set up. It's another KO from Volcom's B Squad, perpetuators of what it looks like to get down while making turns.

Featuring the best b squad in the biz, Mike Ravelson, Zach Normandin, Reid Smith, Dylan Alito, Parker Szumowski, Scotty James, Lyon Farrell, Jared Elston, and Christian Connors.