Games administrators are now scrambling for a new venue as potential host cities continue to baulk at the cost of funding the event.

Durban presented a revised budget to the Commonwealth Games Federation but it wasn’t enough.

“It is with disappointment that the detailed review has concluded that there is a significant departure from the undertakings provided in Durban’s bid, and as a result a number of key obligations and commitments in areas such as governance, venues, funding and risk management/assurance have not been met,” the CGF said in a statement.

South African Olympic committee president and CGF vice president Gideon Sam told The Associated Press “It’s a big disappointment for Africa”.

“The Commonwealth Games Federation said, ‘That’s not going to work. We’ll look for another city’.

“For now, I don’t think anybody (in South Africa) wants to open their mouth about the Olympics."

The announcement came as the Queen sent the Commonwealth Games baton off from Buckingham Palace on a relay on its way to its next addition in 2018 at the Gold Coast.