The pair had one of the strongest rivalries in the history of the sport but Tate is unsure if the Rousey of old will be the one entering the Octagon on Friday night.

“I think that if she really wanted to continue fighting, she would have been back in there sooner,” Tate told Skip Bayless on “Undisputed”.

“That’s what always seems to be with really competitive people just when they lose, they want to get back in there and do it again and do it again, do it again, do it again, I can prove it, I can get better. I’m not saying that’s always the wisest decision but I can say that’s what I see typically from people who want to fight.

“They want to fight, especially off of a loss. They want to get back in there and get that redemption.

“Her taking a year and some change off just says a lot about I think she wants to do other things. I don’t really think that she wants to be in there fighting anymore but I think that she’s doing it sort of as a favour to the UFC.”