Giannis Magos lost his marbles after he won his 100kg division, but did not win the overall title.

Magos slapped Armando Marquez to the ground and knocked over judges tables while ranting about his loss.

“Yesterday I’m winner! Yesterday I winner!” Margos yells as the crowd looks on. “And today I get beat, how? I don’t understand … f*** off!”

The result marked the third time Magos finished second overall at the annual event.

Magos is facing a lifetime suspension according to a post on the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness’s official Facebook page.

IFBB legend Kevin Levrone slammed Magos' behaviour.

“It was a very, very embarrassing moment,” the American said.

“You have to act like a pro before you’re going to end up being a pro. For the guy that did that, I hope he finds himself and learns a lesson. He’s a hurt a lot of people.”

The eventual winner of the competition was Christos Pistolas of Greece.