The former Aussie skipper and selector’s view is supported by Shane Warne who attributed Paine’s call-up to utter confusion within Australian cricket hierarchy.

And while Border rates Paine’s talents, he cannot comprehend how a player who has spent the past two seasons on the sidelines could be picked.  

“It seems bizarre to me,” Border told

“That’s a real risky selection from the panel. All the keepers around the country will be scratching their head saying ‘what the hell is going on?’”

Paine has not even played Sheffield Shield cricket this season.

“The selection bothers me,” Border said. “Where is the Sheffield Shield at right now given there are eight keepers who played over the last three or four weeks for their state sides and a guy who hasn’t been keeping at all gets the first Test of the summer?

“He’s a good cricketer Tim Paine and I really wish him the best, but it is a strange one.

“On paper it is a very good team but just some of those selections...the selectors will have their fingers and toes and everything crossed going into this Test match because if they don’t perform they’ll be under so much pressure it wouldn’t be funny.”