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Boxing has taken a few hits to its reputation in recent years, but at amateur level it’s still a popularly played sport with massive fitness benefits. To engage with the growing number of people who are choosing to participate in the sport for reasons other than competing, Boxing Australia (the recognised national governing body for amateur boxing) has recently developed a new and exciting Fitness Training Course known as FitBox.

The course has been developed in accordance with the Scope of Practice for Registered Exercise Professionals and is listed as a Fitness Australia Continuing Education (CEC) Program.

Content for the course has been developed from Boxing Australia’s high performance program and includes inputs from head coach Kevin Smith and national development coach Don Abnett.

Exercise professionals who successfully complete the FitBox course will be delivering boxing for fitness training sessions that are underpinned by research and guided by the scientific principles of training

Safety is paramount at amateur level. There are over 1800 registered male participants and around 250 women boxing at a competitive level in this country – and that doesn’t include the thousands using boxing drills to achieve fitness beyond their dreams, even if they never step into a ring.

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