Hunt has employed a legal team ensure the UFC better handles drug violations after Brock Lesnar's positive doping test in July.

American Lesnar failed a drug test in the lead-up to their UFC 200 fight as well as on the day of the bout but was allowed to fight.

Hunt lost to Lesnar in July by a unanimous decision.

The New Zealander is hoping to change the rules to state that should a fighter return a positive test, then their purse be given to the clean fighter.

"I'm going all the way," Hunt told Fox Sports.

"These cheaters need to be punished."

Hunt said he had missed out on potential earnings due to his stance.

"You think this is about money? I've turned down two fights already," Hunt said.

Lesnar is facing sanction from the US Anti-Doping Authority after being provisionally suspended.

"This is about what's right," Hunt said.

"I don't understand why they (the UFC) don't do something about it."