The pair impressed NFL scouts at a recent practice session and have been invited back for a main tryout in February.

Hayne, who played eight NFL games for the San Francisco 49ers after defecting from the NRL in 2014, said Holes (21) and Taumalolo (23) had time on their side.  

“It’s good to see them really step out. They’ve definitely got age on their side,” Hayne told Fox Sports News.

“Being 21, most guys come out of the draft 22, 23, so they’ve definitely got a lot of years under their belt if they want to pursue it.

“ … I had my pro day when I was 26, so I think Valentine is five years younger than me and Taumalolo’s about three years younger, so age is a good thing for them.

“The playbook is probably the hardest thing, not so much the skill and the talent because they’ve got that. They’re keen to do it and I wish them all the best.”

Hayne said he admired their willingness to branch out into the unknown just as he did.

“In Australia you always want to test yourself, and I think you always want to ask the question,” Hayne said.

“From my point of view it’s just about supporting them and see people step out of their comfort zone. My support is fully behind them.”