HG is pumped about calling the Sydney Ashes Test … who wouldn’t be? The Ashes is a winner. And will forever be. But when Inside Sport caught up with him, he was more eager to offer his thoughts on the ODIs, the one-day international pyjama stuff.

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“I believe we need to set ourselves the task in one day cricket of having to produce either a six, a four or a wicket off every ball. So we’re looking at a score around the 1200 mark. At the moment, 300 is considered a good score. We have to quadruple that.

“Where it’s suffering, one-day cricket, is there’s a lack of entertainment. Beginning from the very beginning, when the teams line up, we need somebody like Delta Goodrem waddling out to sing the national anthem.

HG says ODIs are good, but there's a definte flat spot to most of them. (Photo by Getty Images)

"Then the cameras will pan to the team captains singing the national anthems, or the team captains singing a song which represents their country. For instance, if it was Australia playing New Zealand, you’d get a song from Dragon for New Zealand, and from Australia you might get something like Home Among The Gum Trees.

“Already the crowd is there from the very start, whether it’s 2.30pm or 10am in the morning for a day game. They’d be there ready to see what songs the skippers have chosen to represent their countries.

“Should there be a rain delay - if the match can’t start on time - forget your Duckworth-Lewis rubbish, let’s involve more entertainment. I’ll never forget when I was a kid Keith Richard entertaining Wimbledon during a rain delay. He sang Living Doll I think.