Not likely, and there’s a very sensible explanation for that. “We can’t go out together at night,” Pickhaver (HG) tells Inside Sport. “As soon as we get together, I’ll immediately ask him: what do you think about this? And then off we go, basically just doing the show.

“In fact, that was an early lesson learnt; not to spend too much time together in social situations because we’d wear the show out.”

Pickhaver and Doyle are currently working their magic on a show with the intimidating title The Sporting Probe, which had aired on Triple M on Saturday mornings, but in 2018 will be putting listeners through their paces on the Ms on Sundays instead, between 10am and midday.

It’s not to say they’re banned from hanging out or anything. And anyway, they have a tactic for whenever they do find themselves locked in conversation off the field, as it were. “Often we have topics of conversation which we’re never going to use in the program, so that’s how we communicate socially,” says Pickhaver.

“A classic at the moment is the numerous issues the government has on its plate. Enormous fun to us, and safe because we don’t have a platform to use it.”