Featuring exclusive interviews with a bevy of sporting superstars, these six stories will take the listener behind the scenes of some truly monumental events in Australian sport – the shattering lows and breathtaking highs.

With a match to be won, history to be made or tragedy to overcome, every story eventually meets one point that will define success or failure. That point is "The Moment".


November 16, 2005 - the night that football in Australia changed forever. John Aloisi walked toward the penalty spot with the weight of the entire nation on his shoulders. This is a moment that many people thought would end in failure yet again. It’s a story of hardship and sacrifice. A story of countless lost opportunities. This is the story on One Kick, One Moment.

“Typically our only understanding of sport is from what we see in the arena,” Mark Howard says.

“To sit with some of our leading athletes and hear the raw, emotional and uplifting backstories about some truly amazing Aussie sporting moments was an absolute treat.

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