McGregor was half an hour late to address the media and didn’t take long to show why he is regarded as one of the world’s most colourful athletes.

“Sorry I’m late, I just don’t give a fu-k!,” McGregor shouted to the crowd.

The Irish featherweight champion then walked across the stage and grabbed Alvarez’s world title belt before returning to his chair and placing it next to his.

Alvarez emerged on the stage and retrieved his belt which is when things got out of control.

Alvarez then folded up his chair and place it next to McGregor sending tensions to another level.

McGregor looked set to smash the chair over Alvarez’s head before being restrained by UFC boss Dana White.

Alvarez had told the press conference he was “dissapointed” in McGregor’s homeland which drew the ire of the champ.

“I don’t give a fu-k what Eddie says,” McGregor said.

“Who gives a fu-k. The Irish are back!.

“We’ve taken back New York City. I run New York City.”

McGregor proceeded to show his rapping skills by throwing down a rhyme.

“I’m a fu-cking pimp. Rocking guilty mink. And without me, this whole fu-cking sh-t sink,” McGregor rapped.

“I’m fresh and ready to go. I am going to shut this man up, trust me on that.”