McGregor has gone as far to say Alvarez will be permanently altered following the fight adding his opponent will never be able to fight again.

“I am going to retire him on this night,” McGregor said.

“He’s been through a hell of a lot of wars. He’s been dropped continuously. You can see it on him, you can see the effects of war on his face.

“I’m respecting him as a fighter, nothing but respect, but this will be it for you. You’re going to be badly, badly hurt and I mean that, you will not fight again. You will not look the same, you will not think the same.”

McGregor pointed to his last two opponents’ failure to return to normalcy as a result of the beatings they received.

“Anyone who fights me, it’s over for them ... Go have a look at Nate (Diaz), go and speak to him. Look at how Jose (Aldo) is doing. It’s going to be exactly the same for you,” McGregor said.

“You are never, ever going to be the same again ever in your life.

“You’re kids after this fight are going to beg you, ‘daddy, please don’t go in again’.”