The Q team selected itself, given there are only 5 players who's names start with the letter Q in the history of the entire NBA! And if we're being honest, one of those only qualifies due to some linguistic gymnastics!

So given that, we're also unveiling the R Team today. A team with two of the most revered players ever to throw a ball through a hoop, as well as a pair of 90's superstars and a modern player that is the definition of 'what if'. The R's are amongst the best teams in the All Alphabet league, and considerably better than the unfortunate Q's!


Point Guard – Tim Quarterman

Tim Quarterman is the typical player that is skilful enough to catch on to the back end of an NBA roster, but just doesn't have the requisite athleticism. At 6'6”, he has excellent size for a lead guard, and is a solid distributor and organised of an offense. What he lacks, however, is any type of pop. Quarterman is a heady, intelligent baller, he just doesn't have the first step, the speed, or the bounce needed to make his way in the NBA.

Currently playing in the G League, he seems the perfect candidate to find a career playing in Australia's NBL, or a European league.


Shooting Guard – Chris Quinn

A 6'2” guard out of Notre Dame, Quinn enjoyed a 6 year NBA career. He spent 3 seasons in Miami before bouncing between the Nets, Spurs and Cavaliers. He was a solid contributor in Miami, starting 25 games in the 2008 campaign, putting up 7.8 points and 3 assists per game.

Quinn wasn't an athlete by NBA standards. What got him to the big league was his jump shot. A career 37.7% shooter, Quinn twice broke the 40% mark as a member of the Heat.


Small Forward – Bob Quick

Quick enjoyed a brief journeyman career in the late 60's and early 70's, spending time with the Baltimore Bullets and Detroit Pistons, before spending a half season in the ABA with the Dallas Chaparrals, the precursor to the San Antonio Spurs.

His best campaign was in 1971, where he averaged 8 points and 4 rebounds as a backup forward with the Pistons.


Power Forward – Brian Quinnett

Quinnett, a former Knicks 2nd round pick, stuck around in the league for 3 seasons. He was a man without a country, to a degree. At 6'8” and 240 pounds, he was built like an undersized power forward, but played like a 2-guard. Unfortunately, he couldn't really shoot, with careers splits of 41/33/68.


Centre - Zhou Qi

Before any Mandarin linguists @ me, I fully acknowledge and understand that Zhou Qi should like up on the Z team. Given the lack of available numbers for the Q Team, he's been drafted in as a type of emergency loan. Deal with it.

The 7'1” Chinese centre played 19 games across a couple of seasons in Houston. He gave his team 1.3 points, 1.2 boards and 0.7 blocks.

I'll leave you with this, though: Zhou scored 72 points per 36 minutes in 2019. I guess that's what happens when you play 1 measly minute all season!.


So after that deep dive into the NBA's underbelly, onto the R Team.