Following a Stewards meeting that included  representatives from the Red Bull team along with Verstappen and Ricciardo, the FIA deemed that both were equally to blame for the shunt.

The statement issued by the stewards noted that Verstappen had moved twice while trying to defend his position, but that Ricciardo was also at fault for braking so late.

"Both drivers contributed to the collision," said the statement. "The driver of car 33 [Verstappen] made two moves, both of which were relatively minor.

"The driver of car 3 [Ricciardo] admitted he left his move to overtake on the left, too late.

"It was obvious to the stewards that although the incident had its origins in the moves by car 33, the driver of car 3 also contributed to the incident.

"Both drivers expressed regret about their respective contributions to the incident, during the Stewards' hearing."

Neither team-mate seemed intent on finger pointing afterwards, with both apologising to the team for what should have been an avoidable incident.

“…it's more just about saying sorry to the team,” Ricciardo said, “just apologise the best way we can.

"We don't want to be in that situation. [I'm] just down I guess, for the situation. [I'm] thankful that we're allowed to race, especially, myself and Max, we love to race. That's cool.

"We did get close already in the race a few times, touching, sometimes we were on the limit. Unfortunately it's ended how it did. It's not a nice situation.

"We both feel pretty bad that it ended like that, and for the team it's pretty crappy.

"I thought the gap was on the inside, and once I was there I had to commit to that.

"But yeah, it's just, let's say, heartbroken for how the team must feel right now."

Likewise Verstappen focussed on the disappointing outcome for the team.

"I don't think we need to speak about whose fault [it is] because at the end of the day we are racing for a team, we are representing a lot of people and when this happens it's not good for both of us.

"Before that, it was hard racing but fair, we gave each other space, of course we had a little brush with the wheels, but in racing that can happen.

"As racing drivers you go for every inch; of course you're not happy when you collide as team-mates, but we are very fair to each other, so we spoke immediately after the race.

"I don't think letting us not race anymore is the way forward, but we will talk about it and see what happens."

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko blamed both drivers.

"We let the drivers race and then they are doing that. Unbelievable. Both were wrong.

"It was a racing accident between the two, there was not more fault for one or the other.

"We always let the drivers race, we don't have a number one, we don't have a number two, but we expect responsibility from the drivers."