Homeward Bound

The short ferry ride crosses from the island to the hub of Mapua, where our journey comes to a close with the Trail Journeys bus waiting to take up back to Nelson. Mapua features a number of cafes and restaurants ready to quench all thirsts or grumbling stomachs for those who have worked up an appetite cycling along Rabbit Island.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I can say that having experienced many parts of it while engaging in various exciting exploits. In addition, Nelson is a gem of a town for those with a thirst for beer and/or adventure. 

Nelson’s economy is based upon five industries; seafood, horticulture, forestry, farming and tourism, and through our travels on the GTT we have been able to experience each and every one of the region’s offerings, from the fish on our plate to failing in our attempt to pat the livestock that flank the sides of the trail between Stoke and Rabbit Island.

As a tourist, one of the best ways to experience any destination is by bike or foot. Slowing down, using all your senses and really living the experience is a world apart from a Contiki-style tour, and we were really able to take advantage of this with our time on the Great Taste Trail.