Walk into any Crossfit gym and you’ll be surprised: every day, a new set of challenges is prescribed. It’s the essence of Crossfit – explained here by Australia’s fittest Crossfitters, Kara Webb and Rob Forte.

1 Rob Forte.


Kara: “The WOD is programmed by an experienced coach and will contain a single or multiple functional movements. It is measurable, and always scalable for every fitness level or individual circumstance. The WOD should always be different from any other workout a Crossfitter will participate in during that week in order to stay in line with a balanced program of various movements.”

Rob: “The Workout Of The Day keeps everyone guessing – this way it never gets boring. It is a combination of movements that you probably haven’t done before. It is essentially the same as a Crossfit competition. It could be two exercises together, or three, four, ten – that’s all part of the variety.

“Once everyone’s done their workout, their scores are recorded on our whiteboard. Then we take a photo and that goes onto our website, so we have a link back to track our improvements.”


Rob: “We vary the number of movements you have in a workout, the time frame of the workout, the loading – it could be light, it could be heavy, it could be long or short. So all those variations are in there. And that’s what makes adaptation really effective: the body doesn’t get used to the same time frame or the same loading. And that’s where we get the constant improvement. I’ve been doing this for over five years now and I’m still getting stronger and I’m still getting faster and fitter, because I’m always finding new ways.”

Kara: “The WODs are beneficial because they use the entire body in various combinations that replicate and enhance functional movement. In addition to varying the type of movement, the duration, load moved, tempo, repetitions and rest time can be altered to achieve different results to support other sports.”