Your Inside Sport Crossfit journey begins here, with Kara Webb and Rob Forte, Australia’s fittest Crossfitters.

3 Rob Forte and Kara Webb.


Rob: “To find a gym, go to the affiliate map at You’ll see all the Crossfit gyms in the world – there’s 347 to choose from in NSW and Victoria alone, 153 in Queensland/NT, 49 in the West. You should have no problem finding one close.”

Kara: “When you turn up to a Crossfit gym for the first time, you can expect to see one big open space full of smiley faces, pull-up rigs and heaps of other fun gear to play with. You’ll be met by a coach who probably loves the sport way too much, but they will happily introduce you to the wonderful world of Crossfit.”


Rob: “I’d recommend three to five sessions a week, but it comes down to people fitting things around their schedule and working out what they can do in a week. But then they should really try to stick to that to get consistency.

“Our sessions go for an hour. We do a warm-up, explain the movements and the workout, do some sort of strength piece or skills-based thing where you are developing good movement patterns, then we hit a workout. We always finish with some stretching or mobility work.

“It’s definitely structured and runs to time. There’s plenty of coaching and support involved, especially when you’re getting started.”


Kara: “At Crossfit Roar [Brisbane] we pride ourselves on our knowledgable coaches, great programming, and being a big tin shed full of good vibes. It’s all about positivity, and if someone needs some more, then you share yours around. We see this day in and day out. People feed off each other and only good attitudes are allowed. There simply is no space for negativity in a Crossfit gym.

“It’s amazing to see people of all different ages, genders, shapes, sizes and lifestyles partnering up and counting for each other in a workout, then sharing a genuine high-five

at the end.”

Rob: “It comes down to the culture that you build up inside the gym. It’s not necessarily about what the person next to you is doing. It’s about you moving well, and you getting better. Once people start to get into it a bit more, you can see them have some friendly competition – but it’s not like you’re coming in here to beat everyone. If people have that attitude, we sort it out really quickly. It’s not about that. Most people take it the right way and don’t get upset about that conversation.”