Verstappen put in a brilliant performance, coming from 16th on the grid to cross the finish line and take the chequered flag in third.

However, he exceeded track limits in passing Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen on the last lap, and was dealt a five-second time penalty by the stewards. 

That penalty meant he was demoted to fourth spot, putting Raikkonen on the podium instead. 

Verstappen and Red Bull were furious with the decision, claiming several other drivers had made the most of the track limits without any reprucussions. 

But Verstappen's fans have taken it to another level, sending death threats to Salo and other stewards from the US Grand Prix in Austin. 

“I have received death threats, mainly from Holland," Salo, who competed in F1 from 1994-2002, told Suomi F1. 

“The change in the Wikipedia article was a fun joke, but threats to me and other members of the jury should not be tolerated.”

But Salo stands by the decision, saying: “It was a punishment, but the rules are rules. 

“They clearly state that if the driver gets the benefit of rectification, he will be followed by a penalty. 

“Max was ahead of Kimi Raikkonen behind, but after the curve, thanks to the correction ahead of Ferrari. The situation is clear.”