Hayson is at the centre of an alleged NRL match-fixing ring which sparked an ongoing NSW crime commission investigation.

Hayson held a bizarre press conference last week, set up by celebrity publicist Max Markson, and vehemently denied his involvement in the saga, which Webster reported on extensively in his column.

At the end of the column, Webster wrote he had been tipped off about an “ugly” situation brewing in Brisbane and that he would not be breaking the story due to its personal nature.

The tip-off regarded the dissolution of Broncos coach Wayne Bennett’s 42-year marriage, a story which has since broken.

The text read as follows:

"Your [sic] just a weak homosexual aren't you. No balls to write the Wayne Bennett story but happy to write about the match fixing story which is destroying innocent lives of several people and everyone knows it has not happened. That's what a coward you are and by the way all the players don't want you anywhere near the dressing rooms every [sic] again looking at them getting changed and that's them saying that not me and should look at different career as rugby league and homosexuality don't mix. Your [sic] just a weak suck. Cheers."

Webster took to his column exposing Hayson for his actions.  

 “On Saturday, at 6.18am, I received a text message from Hayson that exposes the man for what he truly is,” he said on Fairfax Media. “Scum.”

“When you're an opinion writer, you expect to be punched in the head in return. If you're prepared to throw a few, you have to take a few. If you bruise easily, you are in the wrong game.

“But sometimes the line is crossed and Hayson's gutless missive jumps right over it.

“Most turn their back on nasty homophobia and pretend it didn't happen. Don't give the grub who said it any more oxygen.

“I'd prefer to call it out.”