For our March 2017 Freeze Frame Freebies competition, we asked our magazine readers/website visitors to come up with a humorous caption for our photo of the Canberra Raiders mascot Victor The Viking trying to operate a camera for the chance to win one of five manchester prize packs in the NRL team of their choice - thanks to our friends at LICENSING ESSENTIALS.

We have listed the winners in our newly released May 2017 edition, but unfortunately we didn’t have the space to print their clever answers. So here they are …

Thanks for playing, everyone. If you were chosen as one of our winners, congratulations. If not, stay tuned to this website for more Inside Sport competitions.

(Photo by Getty Images)


Graeme Kemsley
CAPTION: "Can someone please 'lens' me a hand?"

Kylie Mitchell
CAPTION: “When they told me to shoot the opposition, I didn't think they meant with this.”

Phillip Topping
CAPTION: “With this zoom lens I can finally see where the tryline is!”

Sean Miller
CAPTION: “Come on, have you tried taking a pic in one these suits? I can't even go to the toilet and you want me to work this camera?”

Kay McGuirk
CAPTION: “Watch the opposition slow down when they see this speed camera …”