The world leader in sports technology and active eyewear, Oakley, has today opened the door into the future of cycling, snowboarding and surfing, unveiling its ground-breaking Oakley Future Sport Project video series.

Released today on Oakley’s YouTube channel, the video series is a collaborative glance into the future of sports technology as seen by surfing prodigy Jack Robinson, Olympic snowboarder Scotty James and Australia’s most visionary product design experts. The documentary-style videos follow the collaborators’ journeys, as they challenge expectations, push potential innovation boundaries and predict the future of sport.

Looking into the future of surfing, the first video sees 16-year-old surfing prodigy Jack Robinson teaming up with Airbag Labs to create a shape-shifting surfboard that offers riders greater adaptability and manoeuvrability. Key features of the concept include the ability for the rider to dial the surfboard into any shape while on the water, and a large voice-activated and touch-sensitive display.

The other video features Olympic snowboarder Scotty James, who partnered with leading wearable tech company Wearable Experiments (We:eX) to create a snowboard flying jacket. Key features detailed in the video include a turbine structure built through the back of a customised snowboarding jacket, and the use of wind force and trajectory from a half-pipe jump to accelerate the rider and increase the amount of time and distance in the air.