It was the first official NBA preseason game to feature an NBL team with Melbourne and Brisbane to play matches in the USA in the next two weeks.

The Kings looked shaky at the start before winning the second quarter.

"It was really good; I had a lot of friends out there that I've played with, they're a bunch of good guys, they play hard and you saw that today," Exum told ESPN after the game.

Australian Dante Exum lays it up for the Jazz against the Sydney Kings.

"The NBL is getting better; they were playing with us, able to shoot.

"We were a bit too strong for them today but the league is only getting better over there and hopefully this game and the games to come will help grow the game and people will get more and more interested."

The Jazz led 35-16 at the first break before Sydney won the second term 31-23.

Melbourne United will play Oklahoma City Thunder on October 8 before the Brisbane Bullets meet the Phoenix Suns on October 13.