GOOD: The San Francisco 49ers 

Ok ok, I hear you 49er's fans, your team is the real deal this year! Going into this week's matchup against the LA Rams, the undefeated 49ers were still doubted after wins against the Buccaneers, Bengals, Steelers and Browns.

While impressive throughout those wins, the jury was still out on whether or not the 49ers could produce the same results against a well-fancied opponent, such as the Rams, and boy, did they produce!

The Niners defence was able to keep the often gawked McVay/Goff offense to only 78 passing yards (the least since Sean McVay took over from Jeff Fisher as the Rams head coach in 2017).

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It didn't get better for the Rams in the running game as they only managed a combined 109 rushing yards for the game, albeit without superstar running back Todd Gurley II. At no stage did the 49ers look like losing this game as they moved to 5-0 for the season.

A big name scalp is just what the 49ers were after to prove the non-believers wrong, and not many come bigger than last years Super Bowl Runner-ups. 

BAD: Matt Bryant 



Dear, Oh Dear!

Things just keep going from bad to worse for the Atlanta Falcons.

After a shocking start to the season, the Atlanta Falcons would have circled this game against the re-building Arizona Cardinals as a much needed win. However, the 44-year-old Matt Bryant had other plans.

After scoring what looked to be the game tying touchdown with 1:53 seconds remaining, Falcons fans would have been thinking that a much needed win was still very possible, with overtime looking likely.

Especially with stalwart kicker Matt Bryant, who has kicked 566 out of his 573 career PAT's, dating all the way back to his debut in 2002! The old dog never misses! Well... rarely. 

However chins up Falcons fans - it'll most likely be another 80.8 (or so) PAT's until he misses again.

GOOD: Nicknames

After losing veteran Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to a season ending injury 4 weeks ago, against the Seattle Seahawks, back up quarterback Mason Rudolph was ruled out with a concussion, 2 weeks later.

The Pittsburgh Steelers season looked like it was over, or at the very least, it was paddling like crazy just to stay afloat. Awfully similar to a... duck? 

Devlin Hodges aka "Duck" had his debut start against the LA Chargers on 'Sunday night', where he guided the Pittsburgh Steelers to a 24-17 win, as 3-1 underdogs.

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The rookie 3rd-string Quarterback, however, is making waves in the NFL and American media not necessarily through his football skills, but rather because of his unusual nickname. Hodges was anointed the nickname due to his fascination with duck hunting and perhaps more bizarrely, duck calling.

Hodges in fact won the Alabama State 'duck calling' competition in 2018. Here's a little bit of "Duck" in action. What can't this bloke do?


BAD: The Kansas City Chiefs' Run Defence 

We all know about the offensive capabilities of the Chiefs, led by reigning MVP Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, however serious questions are now being asked about their defence.

This is after losing to the Colts 2 weeks ago, and now this week to the Texans (two very good teams, mind you). If I'm the Chiefs coach Andy Reid, I am starting to be concerned about my defence's inability to stop the run game.

Two weeks ago, Colts running back, Marlon Mack ran for an impressive 132 yards, and this week, Texans running back Carlos Hyde managed 116 yards and a touchdown. 

The Chiefs have the best offensive weapon in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes; they must not let opposing teams dictate the time of possession and thereby keeping him off the field.

In order to be the Super Bowl contending team that most are expecting them to be, they must address this issue ASAP. Especially if they expect to beat reigning Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots.

GOOD: Sam Darnold's Immune System

The winless New York Jets went Mono e Mono with the much more favoured Dallas Cowboys this week and managed to pull off quite an upset to get their first win of the season. All thanks to the now healthy Quarterback Sam Darnold.

In week 2 Sam Darnold was ruled out indefinitely with a case of Mononucleosis. Yep, the 22-year-old had Mono aka 'The kissing disease'. The unexpected diagnoses de-railed the start of the Jets season, losing every single game while Darnold was out.

Now healthy and cleared by doctors, Darnold wasted no time by throwing for 338 yards and a Touchdown in the 24-22 win. I'm not sure there is a more important player for a team in the NFL than what Sam Darnold is for the Jets.

The NFL has never been more accessible in Australia than it is today, made possible by Kayo and you can watch the season unfold and have two weeks free trial by clicking here now.

They are absolutely hopeless without him. Next week against the Patriots will be a massive test for Darnold and his Jets, however after that game their schedule becomes much more favourable.

It's most likely too late for the Jets this season, as they will probably reflect on this season and say "what if?"


NFL Week 6 Results

Patriots 35 - Giants 14

Buccaneers 26 - Panthers 37 

Dolphins 16 - Redskins 17

Jaguars 6 - Saints 13 

Ravens 23 - Bengals 17 

Browns 28 - Seahawks 32

Vikings 38 - Eagles 20

Chiefs 24 - Texans 31

Cardinals 34 - Falcons 33

Rams 7 - 49ers 20

Broncos 16 - Titans 0

Jets 24 - Cowboys 22

Chargers 17 - Steelers 24

Packers 23 - Lions 22