Baywatch Beauty Baywatch Beauty Images: Pedro Virgil



“I have friends who wear fins when they swim – they’re not competitive swimmers, but Masters swimmers, etc. It keeps pressure off their shoulders. I don’t use fins, though; I feel like I’m cheating, even though they’re supposed to be good for you. I like the simplicity of just me and my goggles.”


“I have to work out to maintain my weight – I’ve always had to. On the set of Baywatch, I would get up at 3.30am, be at the gym by 4am, do at least an hour of cardio, shower, and get to the set by six. That was every day when I was on set. I know David Hasselhoff also woke up early and worked out before the show. We were the oldest – I was 28 through to 32 and he was ten years older than me. Most of the other actors were a little younger and maybe didn’t have to train as much. We had to maintain our weight; it was in our contracts. I was told it was because of an Aussie who was cast on the show. From the time he was cast to the time he began shooting, he gained 11kg, so they put weight management into our contracts!”


“Last month I finished a film called The Frankenstein Brothers. It’s a coming-of-age comedy. I play an alcoholic mum and wife. The only part in the film that’s water-related is where I fall into a pool drunk and I need help getting out. My next project is a film in Canada called The Boy She Met Online.”

– James Smith