Focus Aventura2, $3,599

Tough and ready to do your bidding, the Aventura2 is a little bike with a lot of punch. Available in men’s and women’s versions, the Aventura2 comes equipped with Bosch drive system and shift sensor technology for extra-smooth shifting. With internal cable routing, a pannier rack, kick stand, and suspension fork, and Shimano M315 hydraulic discs, there’s nothing to add to this trusty little workhorse.

Avanti Inc E, $3,999

Thinking outside the box, Avanti’s Inc E is a little different. Instead of a chain, it’s equipped with a belt drive system that requires no lube and little maintenance. The belt-drive powers an 8-speed internal gear system that’s also incredibly easy to look after, and the whole package is driven by Shimano’s trustworthy STEPS drive setup. With fenders, kickstand, big reflectors and hydraulic disc brakes, the Inc E is the ultimate in fuss-free commuting.

Merida eBig Nine 500, $3,699

With its off-road pedigree, this nimble E-MTB from Merida can take you from the office commute to the trails as fast as you can say: “It’s the weekend.” Equipped with a Shimano STEPS E6000 motor and battery, Shimano Deore brakes and shifters, and a Manitou Marvel comp suspension fork, this is the perfect bike for the rider who wants to dabble on the trails between shifts.