Ainoshima Island

You don’t need to head to Shikoku Island and the other Aoshima to make some furry little friends. Kyushu’s own Ainoshima (note the subtle difference in spelling making) in Fukuoka Prefecture is feline famous enough to have appeared in a CNN article “Five places where cats outshine tourist attractions”.

It is a cat paradise – but despite that, it also popular among birdwatchers… and for all the contradictions the two populations seem to get along just fine!

Cats roam freely around the quiet fishing village which is just a small part of the island which is worth hiking or cycling around (bike rentals are available) if you have time. A ferry will have you at the island in under 20 minutes from the mainland’s Shingu Fishing Port.


Japan’s landscape is famous for its volatility – and nothing represents that better than Sakurajima, a visibly active volcano, towering over Kagoshima and smoking like Snoop Dogg!

Ash collecting in the cracks of footpaths around the city reveal its constant minor eruptions, often multiple times in the same day.

More than 1000m high, and 50km around the base, Sakurajima was its own island until 1914, when a major eruption spewed lava and created a natural land bridge to the Osumi Peninsula in the east.

From Kagoshima city, however, the most common way to access this true natural wonder is by the short ferry from Kagoshima Port to the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal.

It’s illegal to get within 2km of the volcano’s three main peaks but there are safe lookout points 3km away, close to the main roads. And if you’re still keen to see more you can again hire bikes and ride around the former island, or take your rental hire car on the ferry.

And afterwards, you can relax at the onsen (hot spring baths), and foot baths. Or alternatively - just skip the hiking and head straight for the onsen!

Kyushu's largest "Matsuri in Kyushu" in Kumamoto

The “Matsuri in Kyushu” festival is a great opportunity to enjoy the many special festival in the region of Kyushu and Yamaguchi. Also, you can buy various special products of Kyushu at the place.

Date September 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun), 2019
Access: Kumamoto city center.


The sightseeing spot that we have been presenting three times so far is a wonderful place worth going to. We wish your RWC2019 will be a wonderful journey!


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