The Unit, which was created to promote the Movember cause, came together before Pattinson was injured and he was a legitimate contender for one of the four fast-bowling spots.   

“All four of us would have been up and playing, so it would have been great for the cause. I missed out on that but it’s fantastic to see the Big Three quicks, Cummins, Starc and Hazlewood, doing so well and I’m glad to be a part of it.

"I more than likely would have been 12th man for the game (the first Test), but it would have been good to be around the team. It’s great to see all these blokes of a similar age playing Ashes and hopefully I can join them some day and we can all wear the mo together.” 

Pattinson does believe that the prevalence of facial hair has invoked something of the spirit of Movember’s unofficial patron, Mitchell Johnson, whose magnificent Zapata moustache will forever associated with the 5-0 drubbing Australia administered, courtesy of his 37 wickets, in 2013-14.

“The mo worked so well he kept it longer. Hopefully it can have the same effect on our quicks so one or all of them do the same thing Mitch did and it’s a good omen, and it brings 30+ wickets to one of the quicks this year.”

His prediction for the rest of the Ashes will rest on the day-night Test, which is set to conclude today.

“England are the biggest chance in the pink ball Test," he said. "If they do get us under lights with the new pink ball they’ll be at their best, but if Australia can win this, they’ll probably go on to win the series 5-0. After seeing the last few days and how they won easily in the end, England will be thinking it’s a long road back if we lose this Test.”